Smart Board


dedicated to La Chana,
Antonia Santiago Amador

Ericsson Research Open Day, 28 September 2018

We’re developing our low tech mobile tap board into a smart board with latest sensor technology. With the help of a mobile app different length rhythm sequences can be selected from a library and dancers can monitor if you are on the beat or to what extent they missed it. Combining DosGolpes smart board with wearable tech, we can also monitor health hazards caused by poor postur or poor footwork technique.The smart stomp board can also be used as educational hybrid device for kids. No big gyms are needed. Converting the app into a game app it could channel kids energy within very little time. All know that rhythm training has huge benefits to cognitive development. We accept the new paradigm kids been born into. We believe in the core function of education in creating a better future and the need of changes in education globally. Playing and gaming is number one need of a healthy human. With the help of IoT we will we provide a new integrated educational device.