Hola! I’m Zsuzsa, art director and interior designer  of a+z design studio and a hobby flamenco dancer. Taking flamenco classes for more than 10 years now,  I bumped into some obstacles I wanted to get out of my way.  It’s  always very difficult to find a place to “zapatear”. Plus, the floor is often very bad in most of the dance schools.

After much headache,  backache and research I succeeded in creating a  patented new  portable and foldable dance  practice board. It’s back and knee friendly, ultra light and sounds excellent. You can even carry it in your cabin size luggage or on your bicycle. The small one is 50×70 cm, the big one is 70×100 cm open. They come in different colors and pattern. After practicing just hang it on your wall as a picture.

Practise wherever & whenever!

Give it a try! You’ll love it!